Task Management

Easy to use, easy to update and great visibility.

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Task Management

Big projects start with small steps. Or in this case - small tasks. All projects can be broken down into a series of smaller tasks - and that is exactly what this screen does. Displays a series of tasks that can be updated, reassigned or closed with one button.

Features of Task view include:
  • Less is more - Multiple filters to sort and display by Task Type, Due Date, User, Priority, Status, Client.
  • It's all about you? 'My Tasks' filter allows you (or your team) to view tasks assigned
  • Organise tasks easily with Folders / Parent Tasks (QandA below)
  • Click & Drag tasks to move in/out of folders or reorder sequences
  • Task editing in view. Pardon? Basically just click on the details in task view and edit inline. Right there. Update Task Status, Type, Priority, Assigned fields without opening the the task
  • Did we mention you can export to Excel? Better still you can also import from Excel or MS Project
QN: What's a Parent task? Just that. The parent. The boss. The task master. It is the task that dictates the child task timings.

Task Detail

It is the task - opened. There is only so much information that can be displayed in the Task list. And we know that some of you need a little more detail. That's why we call it Task Detail. Open a task, the form loads to give you additional fields information on the task. Then - just fill in the gaps. If you want. Or don't.

Features of the Task Detail include:
  • Task Description - for those that need a little more information
  • Task Dependencies & Parent Task Grouping - Pardon? (see QandA below)
  • Revise start date, due date - meet your deadlines...or edit them!
  • Task Notes - all comments and notes saved in the task. And the date, and time
  • Task History- who said, changed, edited what and when
  • Attachment uploads, downloads, links
QN: Dependencies are similar to the above. Parents have children - which are dependents. The task rules are the same. Parent Task is boss of dependent task. Sounds easy - it is. It is just the names that sound hard.

Task Attachments

We all know what attachments are - right? uploading a document to the project - right? ok. This feature is really powerful and pretty important in the world of project management. All those documents that start, develop and eventually complete the project? put them here. Best part? They'll be there forever.

Task Attachment Features:
  • Upload multiple files at a time. Like a challenge? Bossy can handle 4GB
  • All attachments are saved to the Project Files tab, and the Digital Asset Library
  • multiple windows open? thought so. That's why we enabled Drag and Drop

Task Assignment, Groups & Document Workflow

Bossy allows you to assign a task to one person, many people or even a group. The user can assign the person or - the site can do this automatically.

To make it easy, workflow is disabled in the cloud version of the Bossy system. However custom workflows can be enabled on request - just ask! - or they are available ad-hoc in the Enterprise version. Easiest part? if you have any questions just email us!

Task Bulk Creation

Bossy has couple of ways to create bulk tasks.
The easiest...and most popular way is by using the 'Bulk Create' tool. Just type in a list of tasks and select create. One button, lots of tasks. To-Do list? done.

In case you used something else before Bossy...the system also supports:
  • Tasks import from Excel file
  • Tasks import from MS Project
  • Task and project templates. Allowing users to create a set of designated tasks for project types.
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