Shared Calendar

Get everyone working from the same grid

You need a Shared Calendar. You just might not know it...yet.

We all have a personal calendar. Through Google, Outlook, Lotus Notes, Hotmail, mobile phones - you may even have a printed calender. On actual paper. Yes, paper.

All great tools for diary management, but rarely compatible with each other - and never compatible with project timings.

Our Solution

At Bossy we know that. We also know how frustrating it is, so we created a 'Shared Calendar' which can hold all your project timings - completely separate from your personal calendar - but with the capability to send reminders, alarms and alerts for your whole project team. So you won't confuse a friends party with project timings

Calendar Filters

Bossy's shared calendar has filters, to help you sort your personal work, or manage the work of your team. Filters let you see deliverables for a single project, all of your projects or the entire office.

The filters available are:
  • Client
  • Project
  • Month (Obviously)
  • Task Owner
  • Task Priority
  • Task Type
  • Task Status

Calendar Integration

With our Bossy Enterprise version we also offer complete Calendar integration, allowing you to create and share Meetings, Task updates and Information with users on Outlook, iCal, Google Calendars and Lotus Notes.

Calendar Security

Better still, the access and security rules applied to the project is also applied to the calender. Meaning users can only see calender items they are invited to!
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