Advanced Search

Powerful Knowledge Management
for your Business.

task grid The Advanced Search tool in Hot Project is more than just 'Search' - it is the doorway to 'Knowledge Management' for your business.

To explain, over 5 years we have created and refined our search tool so it can take any search query - and provide matches against any of your Projects, Tasks, Files, Wiki Notes, Comments, People and Places!

This means that as you and your team use the system, all the Documents, Tasks, Wiki Notes, & Comments are actually being stored automatically to form a giant Knowledge Base for your business. And what's even better - is that it all happens automatically as you work!

Read below to learn about our search tool.

Advanced Search features:
  • Searches all Client Names, Projects, Documents, Tasks, Comments, Wiki Notes
  • Full Keyword matches and Partial Keyword matches
  • Visual search results for 'Asset Library Search'
  • Search by Author, Date, Project, Project Type, Client, Country, Region etc.
  • Blazingly fast
  • No additional software required
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