Project Templates

Streamline Project Creation and Create Process Standards

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Re-usable Project Templates

A key feature of the Hot Project system is the Re-Usable Project Templates. This feature is accessed through our 'Project Wizard' option on the Dashboard.

The Project Wizard allows you to select the project you wish to duplicate, and then update the specifics of the new project to fit your needs. For example, you can choose to setup a new team, keep the original Set Tasks - but set new Task Timings - and not re-use the project documents. (Or any other combination of project assets you should choose.)

Standardise your Processes

The Re-Usable project templates allow you to standardise your processes through the creation of 'Best Practice Project Templates'. New 'Best Practice' templates can be quickly created for each of the project types appropriate to your business - and these Best Practice templates can then be used across your business by any Project Manager when they create a new project.

Key features of the Project Wizard:
  • Any project can become a project template
  • You have the option to duplicate the whole project
  • Or; only take the elements you need.
  • Available elements for duplication include Tasks, Documents, Comments, Timings, Team.
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