Management Reports

Instant Profitability & Productivity Reports

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Perhaps the most powerful feature of Hot Project and the 'All-In-One' concept is the ability to create instant reports for your business.

To explain, everything you do in the system is tracked, timed & counted. With the addition of Timesheets and Financial Data - this gives you a very rich pool of business information, which we provide back to you in a range of management reports.

These reports are designed to give you maximum visibility on your business and projects - in the areas of User Productivity, Project Profitability, Team Efficiency, Resource Availability & More.

Key Management Reports include:
  • Project Activity Summary Report
  • Project Forecast Cost Versus Actual
  • User Activity Summary Report
  • Finance 'Pipeline' Forecast for Project Income
  • User Timesheet Reports
  • Project Timesheet Reports
  • Client Finance Reports
  • Data Upload Reports
  • Task Type Analysis (by Time, Count, Effort & Income)
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