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Take Control of Staff Activity.

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You Can't Manage what you Can't Measure

Say goodbye to Excel Spreadsheets and ledgers to track your time!

Unlike other systems, Hot Project enables you and your team to record their timesheets directly into the same system they will be using for their daily project and collaboration activities.

For Project Managers, Managers and Owners - this Timesheet information 'completes the picture' of project productivity, progress and profitability. A picture which for many until now - has been blurry at best!

Complete a timesheet in minutes

LIke most people - we hate doing timesheets! So, we designed our Timesheet system from the ground-up to be super-quick to complete for all users - and super-quick to obtain reports. You can literally complete a whole day of timesheet activity in under 1 minute - and a whole week of timesheet activity in 3 minutes.

task grid Key Timesheet features include:
  • Online timesheets - no software required
  • Configure your own business 'activities'
  • Configure your own default rates for activities
  • Project Managers can override rates for specific projects and activities
  • 'Timesheet Managers' can review, approve and reject staff timesheets
  • Project 'Actual Costs' are automatically calculated as timesheets are approved
  • Project 'Forecast Cost Against Actual' reports are available at the click of a button.
  • Timesheet Data can be exported as raw CSV data for import into other accounting packages
  • Legacy timesheet data can be easily accessed through date range selector
Read more about available reports here.
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