Gantt Chart

Automatic Gantt Chart Creation - also known as - Timeline creation

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Bossy makes task creation and management easy, really easy. Incredibly easy. Did we mention easy?

Gantt Charts are a great way to plan and manage your project timings.

A Gantt Chart lets you visualise your tasks & milestones against a rolling timeline, showing start dates and end dates for all the whole project. This is a familiar project management tool for any project manager or account manager who has used Microsoft Project or similar Gantt tool.

The Hot Project Gantt Chart also gives you a number of other powerful tools.

Key Gantt Chart Features:
  • Drag & Drop Tasks on the timeline to adjust timings
  • Create / Delete tasks from the timeline
  • Cascade task timings throughout the whole timeline if desired
  • Manage Parent and Child Tasks
  • Print Project Timeline
  • Export Project Timeline to Excel
  • Highlight Critical Path
  • Zoom, Scroll & Pan
  • iPad Support
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