Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Safe and Secure meets Organised

Digital Asset Management Workflow Daily work involves documents - regardless of your job. Documents, and lots of them. Bossy puts those documents...or files...or videos...or anything really in the Asset Library. Forever.

Old project management...back in the days...meant Send. Approve. Upload. Archive. Backup offsite.
Bossy is all about making your life easier. Upload. Approve. That's it.
Using Bossy for you daily project management means that Bossy becomes your company Knowledge Bank. Every piece of business information in one place. And secure. Did I mention that? We have it tested, all the time. We even pay people to try and hack the site. Really. And they fail. That's how good Bossy is.

Digital Asset Management - Formats

Document Management - with benefits.

Bossy does Digital Asset Management well. Really well. The Asset Library is an 'Add On' to Bossy's Project Management system - it is a fully integrated system. There is a list of features below, but if you don't read them all - basically - Bossy Asset Management is awesome. You name it, we've got it.
Note, Asterix (*) highlights features available only on our Enterprise system.

Features List:
  • Drag & Drop Upload
  • Multi file format compatibility
  • Automatic Version Control
  • Comprehensive Search tools
  • Online review & comment notifications (email & sms)
  • Online Approvals & notifications (email & sms)
  • 'Sticky Notes' feature
  • Automatic Preview Thumbnail Generation (PDF, PSD, JPG, PNG, EPS, CAD)
  • Video preview generation (low res from high-res)
  • Video Storyboard creation*
  • Public Link feature to send file links to external users
  • Document Workflows*
  • ZIP Archive Download*
  • Create Collections, Lightboxes, Catalogues*
  • Meta Data and Tagging capability
  • FTP Bulk file import*
  • Document Reports
  • Virtual Folder System
  • Cloud Storage or Local Storage Options
Love details? There is more information on these tools below.

Digital Asset Management - Formats

Advanced Document Search

Can't find something? That won't happen in Bossy. Advanced File Search tool gives you every different search option. If you really want, in our Enterprise System, we can create Custom Search queries to match your business needs.

Bossy Document Search Options include:
  • File name and contents
  • Creation Date and Author
  • Project and Project Type (Web, TV, Print, Construction etc.)
  • Client and Brand*
  • License*
  • Meta Data (Category, Tag, Collection)
  • Country, Region, Office*
Digital Asset Management - Formats

Sticky Notes

We've all left a little note for someone. This is the same, but online. The Bossy 'Sticky Notes' tool allows you to make comments directly onto the document, you can even draw, highlight, preview and then save. No software to be installed, just another great feature of the Bossy system.

The Sticky Notes can be added to PDF, PSD, JPG, PNG and EPS file types. The easiest creative review and annotation tool yet. Well we like to think so.

Drag & Drop Upload Tool

Drag & Drop Upload

Upload files quickly. And Easily. One or hundreds. The upload tool will even let you upload a 4GB file. If you have a file that big. Yes, 4GB.
Drag & Drop Upload Tool

Automatic Notifications

Notifications via email or text for comments, uploads, approvals, requests for assets or adaptations, sticky notes, wiki notes. All actions really. You know what, when, how and way. And the email history is saved.

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