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task grid

Usability Comes First

You can have all the tools and features in the world in your system - however if no-one can find them or use them - then adoption of your system will be low.

Thus with Hot Project we go to extra lengths to make the system transparent and easy to use - for ALL users (Not just Project Management experts).

Reduce the Need for Training:

With this in mind, we created the Dashboard Launchpad. This is a simple tool on every user's home Dashboard, which gives them 'Quick Links' to the most-used tools and features, summary of tasks and a summary of recent activity across their invited projects.

From our research, across thousands of users - we can confirm that the Dashboard is a useful tool for users - and reduces the amount of time required to train users on the system - and increases success rate for adoption of the system across internal users and external users (eg: Clients, Partners, Suppliers).

task grid Dashboard Widgets & Features:
  • Launchpad Widget includes links to all common tasks
  • All Dashboard Widgets can be turned on/off
  • Custom Dashboard Widgets can be created for Enterprise System
  • Calendar Widget shows summary of this weeks tasks
  • My Tasks Widget shows list of tasks assigned to the current user
  • Recent Activity Widget shows a list of all recent activity across projects to which the current user is assigned.
  • Filter by Task Type, Due Date, Assigned User, Priority, Status, Client.
  • Simple 'My Tasks' feature for your staff to quickly locate tasks assigned to them
  • Task Folders / Parent Tasks allow you to group your tasks easily (with no limit on recursive levels).
  • Drag & Drop task management allows you to quickly move tasks around between folders.
  • Inline task editing allows you to click on Task Status, Type, Priority, Assigned fields and quickly change the data - without opening the whole task detail form.
  • Task Export to Excel
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