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Sounds complicated. It's not. At Bossy we like to make things easy. And it doesn't get much easier than this.


From managing client feedback to marking up revisions online. Bossy does awesome File Management. Don't like writing briefs? We don't either. So we created AdBuilder


Sophisticated document approval with big buttons. Approve a document, request revisions, add comments, there is a button for that. The online version of a traffic manager. Without the attitude. Sort of.


No more paper on your desk, no more environmental guilt. Your files are in Bossy. Forever. System search and tagging produces files in seconds. Milliseconds even.


Recent updates, tasks to do, even quick links. You'll never miss a thing. We put all the important things on a page. It's called 'Home'. And it feels like it too.

Projects, My Tasks, Activity Feed, Support. We have given them obvious names so you know exactly what you are looking at. We make things as easy as possible. It's nice. Isn't it? Yes. It is.



A list of some of our awesome collaboration tools. Some of the best, you will discover the rest. Yes, our features are better than that rhyme.

Not really a limit if you think about it. Yes, 4GB file, like a movie file, a really long movie file. Bossy will upload that. And then make storyboards from the file.

Sounds important. It is. Revise a document. Upload a new version. Want to check the history? the progress? the rounds of revisions. Version history will let you check them. Right back to the beginning.

We know some of users come to us with existing relationships. It's ok. We won't get jealous, we get smart. You can now integrate with Drop Box and Google Drive. So you can upload straight from your favourite apps.

SMS And Email Notifications - how cool is that! really cool. We know you spend your days in meetings. So to make sure you don't miss a thing we can nofity you via SMS and email, if you want. It is opt in ...and out.

Bossy comes with it's own Free iPad application called 'Pulse'.  Pulse allows you to search projects, view files, make notes and manage approvals for all your digital assets. Perfect for reviewing work with clients on-the-go. Or just making some final amends while you are at the pub and with Bossy there will be more time for that. The pub that is.

We like to think you won't need training. You probably don't have time for it anyway. The Bossy Dashboard, Project view, Asset library (well the entire software) is based on making it as easy as possible to use. On the off chance you have some questions Bossy has a dedicated support team who happy to help you. Really happy.

Sounds complicated, it's not. Basically it means you pause the video and add your comment. The time stamp is recorded, the comment is recorded, the user is recorded. No need for rounds of revisions when the editing process is this easy. Play. Click. Comment. Send. Hooray!

Everybody has a folder of files on their desktop, and server, and cloud...Bossy knows that, we do too. So we created a desktop app. So you can browse your favourite folder and synchronize assets - automatic updates of assets online. Yes, Bossy is making it even easier to keep up to date.

Users can upload, edit and even approve files in Bossy. And all of the project history is recorded.
The best part? user emails, comments, feedback and approvals are no longer lost in email. Handover takes all of 5 minutes - just read the project summary. Online Proofing? Should really be called 'Sophisticated Business Management and Contingency Plan'. Should be.

Global search. Meaning every asset, project, task, comment, tag, date, user, uploaded, downloaded, is searched. On the off chance you forget something - we'll find it, in seconds.

Affordable Prices

Have some questions? The Bossy team can also help you find the package that suits you. In other awesome news, you can upgrade at anytime.


  • 5 USERS
  • 20 Projects
  • 20 GB Storage


  • 10 USERS
  • 50 GB Storage


  • 50 USERS
  • 100 PROJECTS
  • 200 GB Storage


  • 100 USERS
  • 200 PROJECTS
  • 400 GB Storage


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